Tile Floor Stripping and Waxing

Tile stripping and waxing is a process used on vinyl composition tile (VCT), which is a flooring material used primarily in commercial and institutional applications. Vinyl tiles are comprised of colored vinyl chips formed into solid sheets of varying thicknesses by heat and pressure, then cut into 12-inch squares or one square foot. Tiles are installed on a smooth, leveled sub-floor using a specially-formulated vinyl adhesive that remains tacky, but does not completely dry.

Vinyl tiles are typically waxed and buffed using special floor stripping and cleaning agents and buffer machines. Over time, the wax builds up and displays unsightly discoloration. It can be visibly unappealing, and result in a negative impact on an organization’s professional or public image.

That is where HCBC Services comes in. Let us take care of the most difficult and tedious part of your VCT tile floor maintenance. We will strip the old dingy layers of wax, using industry approved commercial stripping agents. We then will neutralize and reseal the floor, and follow with three coats of high-polymer glossy floor finish. Your janitorial or general cleaning staff can then easily maintain the floor with their regular cleaning and buffing.

We take the most labor-intensive work, which also entails the highest risk of injury to your employees, and let you rest easy. No worries – We handle it all for you. The finish we leave will extend the wear of your vinyl tile, reduce marks and scratches, guard against soil penetration and abrasion, and enhance your organization’s professional image.